[FoRK] when driving, don't ask google for directions

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On Sat, Dec 09, 2006 at 02:06:31PM -0800, Kent Spaulding wrote:
> +1, but after reading a great deal about this, it wasn't the
> directions from the internet that lead them astray.  According to
> reports, they missed a proscribed turn and consulted an alternate
> paper map that lead them to the fatal route.

Whenever you're relying on technology (car, heater, GPS, electricity)
in a dangerous situation without a fallback route you're risking your
and other people's life.

When you're driving through the wilderness in a single car, and haven't
informed anyone about your time of arrival, you're basically on your
own. These people made many mistakes, but the final one (not following
the road they came up with but to go up the canyon) and without adequate
gear did kill that guy, and almost the rest of his family.

Whenever you're driving alone (not in a convoy) in an environment that
can kill (without adequate water and sun shelter, the desert will kill you
even quicker), even if you've got GPS and a satellite phone, and can charge
them by PV, you need to plan for contingencies.

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