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Eugen Leitl < eugen at leitl.org > on > Sun Dec 10 05:30:37 PST 2006

On Sat, Dec 09, 2006 at 07:13:21PM -0600, Jeff Bone wrote:

> BTW, the point (which I failed to make in the last message) is this  
> --- it seems to me that if you can make the SQUIDs small enough and  
> cheap enough and have them work at room temperature, then you'd want  
> to stick more of them in the helmet.  Enough separate sensors plus  

Yes, I was also assuming MEG by a MEMS-fabbed array of e.g. rubidium vapor
atomic magnetometers at RT. I presume the paper I was asking for
(really no IEEE members here?)
was about that.

> some heavy DSP and you could expect --- at least --- equivalent  
> quality to the bulkier rigs we have today.  Perhaps better.

Cryogenic SQIDs just don't work in a portable setting.
> Shielding and other environmental and power considerations are  
> admittedly thornier...

As far as I can see, an array of NEMS atomic magnetometers would
very nicely fit into a skullcap, requiring no particular shielding
or power requirements below what's available for mobile applications.

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