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FYI for East Coast forkers who may be interested.

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Subject: Yahoo! Confabulation :: AEI-Brookings Joint Center Cluster
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 19:45:20 +0000
From: Prediction Markets Consortium <Prediction_Markets_Consortium at mail.vresp.com>


Join Yahoo! for a public "how to" session on prediction markets
moderated by James Surowiecki, New Yorker columnist and best-selling
author of "The Wisdom of Crowds." Speakers from Google, HP, Microsoft,
and Yahoo! will describe how they are using prediction markets to aid
knowledge management, corporate forecasting and decision making.

Prediction Markets: Tapping the Wisdom of Crowds ::  Yahoo!
Confabulation :: 5:30-8:00pm Wed 13 Dec 2006, Sunnyvale, California

See: http://www.pmcluster.com/#confab

The AEI-Brookings Joint Center Prediction Markets Cluster is 18
January 2007 in Washington, DC USA. Early-bird registration until 22
Dec 2006.


New ways to share, trade and aggregate information using
Internet-based markets are exploding. These markets help companies,
schools, governments, and individuals to acquire, to create and lead
ever-growing bodies of knowledge. These capabilities achieve mastery
of collective wisdom with stunning speed and accuracy.

Through a ceaseless flurry of self-correcting exchanges, wikis and
markets, covering everything from politics and business plans to
public policy and world event, amass —and refine— knowledge and
collective intelligence with breathtaking effectiveness.

Prediction markets aggregate information in a way that allows
organizations ranging from computer manufacturers to governments to
make better far decisions about their offerings, policies, tactics and

Learn how people can assimilate aggregated information that routinely
far exceeds the accuracy of best experts. Explore when and why the new
markets and aggregation techniques are so astoundingly accurate!


Prediction Markets Cluster
The Prediction Markets Cluster is the open commons and consortium for
prediction markets. It is an agnostic, open network and collaboration
of vendors, academia, traders, users, developers, markets and all

See: http://www.pmcluster.com/

The goal is to provide awareness, diffusion and adoption of
information and prediction markets practice, tools and theory.

The objective of the Prediction Markets Cluster® is to catalyzes and
nourish the network of information and prediction market suppliers,
users, professionals and others wanting to benefit from fundamental
advancements in information and prediction markets.

Outcomes provide benefits to business, government and civil society.

This open consortium is regulated and governed entirely by inhabitants
of the worldwide prediction markets network.

Open consortium clusters, discussion groups, blogs, websites,
collaborative spaces, directories and other assets are for the benefit
of the information and prediction markets networks and all prediction
markets stakeholders.

The prediction markets consortium is open, non-commercial and not
for-profit. All are welcome.

We invite you to sponsor, join and participate within your prediction
markets networks and clusters.

Prediction Markets Cluster


Most sincerely,


Sarah Jones, Cluster Director
Colabria Research Network
Email:	 sarah at colabria.com
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Join the Open Prediction Markets Discussion Group and global
Prediction Markets Consortium.	

See: http://www.pmcluster.com/#group

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