[FoRK] Re: reas. conv. 12/4: Beyond Faith

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Mon Dec 11 15:40:18 PST 2006

Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> Thanks for sharing this.  It is an excellent list of the ill effects 
> that many, if not most, traditionally raised children go through to 
> various degrees.  The unfortunate thing is that many spin out of that 
> indoctrination state in far less productive shape than you did.
> I have long thought of religious indoctrination as child abuse, since I 
> was a teenager.

Yes. A large problem of religion is that there are people who take it 
seriously. The people who automatically filter out (or compartmentalize) 
the weirdnesses don't get hurt and wonder what the fuss is about, while 
the people with intellectual integrity (if a bit naive or ignorant or 
masochistic) suffer great emotional/psychological harm. I knew people at 
Caltech who suffered quite a bit.

I'm in the first group. I filtered out stuff that didn't make sense 
(though I lived the rest as deeply and honestly as I could). As I grew 
older and learned more, less and less made sense...


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