[FoRK] Re: reas. conv. 12/4: Beyond Faith

Corinna < corinna.schultz at gmail.com > on > Tue Dec 12 05:51:05 PST 2006

Russell Turpin wrote:
> So include in any proposed voucher system that schools accepting the
> vouchers may not teach religion, and may not discriminate on a
> religious basis in hiring staff or accepting students.

Except that we have the precedent of financial aid for college. I think 
vouchers are similar enough that if there is a nonreligious rule for 
them that someone's going to sue to apply the same rule for Pell grants 
and so forth. I'm not prepared to go that far (maybe I should?).

I think school choice is a great idea. I wish I'd had the money to send 
my son to Montessori for Kinder. It probably would have done him a world 
of good. Instead, we homeschool, and pay our taxes (at a *high* tax 
rate!) anyway. The system is definitely broken.

I agree the religion issue is serious, but how many people are really 
going to isolate their kids anyway? I remember a large segment of the 
anti-homeschool crowd insisting that people should not homeschool 
because our kids should be the "salt" and the "light" to the other kids. 
Around here, many (perhaps most) people who send their kids to the 
Christian schools do so because they're better than the public schools. 
But they only go up to 8th grade, so those kids go to public school 
eventually anyway.


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