[FoRK] Vouchers (was: reas. conv.)

Russell Turpin < deafbox at hotmail.com > on > Tue Dec 12 07:47:35 PST 2006

>Except that we have the precedent of financial aid for college. I think 
>vouchers are similar enough that if there is a nonreligious rule for them 
>that someone's going to sue to apply the same rule for Pell grants and so 
>forth. ..

That court battle has been fought. Maine has a voucher program that
denies use of vouchers at religious schools. This was challenged in
the Maine courts. The challenger lost, and was just denied cert by
the US Supreme Court. The recent precedent is Locke v. Davey, where
the Supreme Court upheld college scholarships from Washington state
that excluded divinity programs.

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