[FoRK] Surfing the memestream as usual; righteous swells induce continuous endorphin rush

Jeff Bone < jbone at place.org > on > Tue Jan 9 18:26:49 PST 2007

Okay, Apple Fanboyz and Fangrrlz, wipe the spooge, drool, and other  
secretions off your keyboards.  I did.  (CES?  What's that?)

I think 2007 may be the year that the exponentiating change-curve  
becomes at least a little bit obvious even to the skeptics and the  
proles.  (Case in point:  I have over $0.5k worth of newly-acquired  
gear, not even out of the shrink-wrap, that has now been obsoleted by  
announcements in the last two days, plus 3 to 5 times that much gear- 
value purchased in the last six months that's now semi-obviated.  And  
I wouldn't even consider myself an "early adopter" anymore...)

Applied memetics being one of my hot --- if almost immediately self- 
defeating --- topics, my meta-meme-meter is tuned to the first-order  
meme watchers at this point.  Given that, check this:


Chew on that.

Bits, not atoms...


PS - big three stories of the last two days:  the iPhone, finally a  
mobile "convergence" device w/ a decent UI and a semi-open UNIX-based  
OS;  2L going open source --- this is bigger than you think, married- 
with-kids;  wide support for 1080p and 802.11 pre-N (meta-tangent:   
standards processes must evolve, become more agile.)  Non-stories and  
anti-stories:  TiVoToGo for Mac bundled with Roxie;  non-vac Roomba  
for wannabe hacker/makers;  a zillion varieties of differently- 
vertically-integrated net+TV devices, including netgear, Buffalo, and  
Apple's bullshit Airport Express on steroids;  put Linux, Mac OS X,  
or some other UNIX on it, jokers --- or stop wasting my time.  Bonus  
big / undersold meta-story:  consumer NAS enclosures from everybody  
and their dogs.  OB_PREDICTION:  enterprise solid-state terabyte NAS  
for $20k by 3Q07.

PPS - I have to give one shout-out.  I purchased a Nokia E61 (via a  
sketchy Russian distributor that got it retail on Hong Kong, booted  
into Cantonese) and switched to T-mobile only a few months ago, to  
come up the curve on the smartphone dimension from my lamer 18 mos.  
old. Samsung Palm phone.  I didn't think Apple would really do it.  I  
didn't think they could characteristically and qualitatively redefine  
the phone experience, much less the general handheld / mobile  
experience.  I've never been all that impressed with the iPod.  But  
--- by Jove! --- I think they've done it!  Reengineering the phone  
experience, and putting UNIX underneath?  Now --- THAT'S FUCKING  
HOT!  Go Steve!

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