[FoRK] Who Else Ordered an AppleTV?

Luis Villa < luis at tieguy.org > on > Wed Jan 10 04:16:50 PST 2007

On 1/9/07, Ian Andrew Bell <hello at ianbell.com> wrote:
> Somehow I seem to have made iTunes the centre of my existence without ever
> endorsing DMCA-compliant AAC or purchasing music from the iTunes Music
> Store.  What's just as seductive about Apple's solutions is the subtext that
> while they'd like you to use their formats, etc. you can get things to work
> with minimal effort without making the lawyers happy.

Well, except that by increasing their market share you're still
increasing their market power and various unhealthy network effects
(for example, the decision by lots of car-makers to sell
ipod-compliant cars, instead of mp3-player-compliant cars.)

> My hope is that by dropping VXID/DIVX components into Quicktime that I'll be
> able to play torrents on my HDTV without a lot of effort.

Very curious about what kind of flexibility they grant here.

> The lack of HD handling capability was what got me out of the business of
> using PCs for this kind of crap.

I'm very disappointed this is only 780 and not 1080.

> Either way I'd rather be in a trap designed by Steve Jobs than one designed
> by Bill Gates any time.

Oh, no doubt. There are (or at least should be) other options than
that, you know ;)


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