[FoRK] Really pleasant inflight service factoid...

Rohit Khare < rkhare at commerce.net > on > Wed Jan 10 15:45:16 PST 2007

... now that AEDs are standard equipment, I guess it's no surprise we  
need a "corpse cupboard" -- beats the overhead bins, anyway:


> Singapore has five brand new Airbus 340-500 used for the first-ever  
> nonstop commercial flight from Singapore to the US (Los Angeles).  
> The flight time is a little over 16 hours, arriving on the other  
> side of the world at exactly the same time as takeoff, 1600. The  
> A340-500 is the only aircraft in the Singapore Airlines fleet with  
> a so-called corpse cupboard, designed to store the body of anyone  
> who dies in flight.

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