[FoRK] nothing very uplifting

Dave Long < dave.long at bluewin.ch > on > Fri Jan 19 11:53:34 PST 2007

In reading this Rich Little statement:

> They got a lot of letters ... I won't even mention the word 'Iraq.' 
> ... They don't want anyone knocking the president. He's really over 
> the coals right now, and he's worried about his legacy

and trying to determine if the irony were intentional, I ran across the 
following cartoon:


Tom Tomorrow's a bit behind the times.  18-22?  Why limit it to the 
young?  Back when the recruiters were regularly calling our house, the 
max age was 34 or so -- STFW now, and it seems that the current number 
is up to 42.  (with enlistment bonuses escalating to match)

So, let's mark FoRK to market[0] a bit: where's the mideast[1] heading 
now?  The JBone future?  The GoJoMo future?  Splitting the difference?


[0] We already have JohnHall's war; I'd rather not have Beberg's world 
come true as well.  Atomkrieg? Nein Danke...

[1] or countries that wish they were middle eastern, like the US?  I'd 
snail mail some of you this great swiss kirsch christmas candy that 
we're still working through from the holidays, but there's apparently 
some sort of fatwa against shipping alcohol in the States, whether it 
take the form of good bottles of wine or batons of yummy chocolate.

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