[FoRK] Surfing the memestream as usual; righteous swells induce continuous endorphin rush

Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> on Tue Jan 23 16:41:39 PST 2007

Two skeptical bits amongst otherwise agreement about excitement:

* I'm still waiting for any proof that iPhone is actually Unix in any
meaningful, user-exposed sense. (I now think the real reason iPhone
isn't open is because (1) Steve is arrogant enough to think that it
could become a monoculture like iPod and (2) even Steve isn't arrogant
enough to think that an open-ish iPhone monoculture would be secure
against viruses and (3) Steve knows that a virus-laden iPhone would
make people realize that OSX is secure primarily because it is a small
target, not because it is magically more secure.)

* Open Source *clients* for SL mean ~0, esp. since the protocol was
well on the way to being reversed anyway. There must be servers for
the open sourcing to be really meaningful. Despite this, SL is big and
just going to get bigger, at least until Google Earth supplants it.

But yeah, otherwise... it isn't a bad time to be a technophile.

Luis (very interested in openmoko:

On 1/9/07, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
> Okay, Apple Fanboyz and Fangrrlz, wipe the spooge, drool, and other
> secretions off your keyboards.  I did.  (CES?  What's that?)
> I think 2007 may be the year that the exponentiating change-curve
> becomes at least a little bit obvious even to the skeptics and the
> proles.  (Case in point:  I have over $0.5k worth of newly-acquired
> gear, not even out of the shrink-wrap, that has now been obsoleted by
> announcements in the last two days, plus 3 to 5 times that much gear-
> value purchased in the last six months that's now semi-obviated.  And
> I wouldn't even consider myself an "early adopter" anymore...)
> Applied memetics being one of my hot --- if almost immediately self-
> defeating --- topics, my meta-meme-meter is tuned to the first-order
> meme watchers at this point.  Given that, check this:
>         http://www.trendwatching.com/briefing/
> Chew on that.
> Bits, not atoms...
> jb
> PS - big three stories of the last two days:  the iPhone, finally a
> mobile "convergence" device w/ a decent UI and a semi-open UNIX-based
> OS;  2L going open source --- this is bigger than you think, married-
> with-kids;  wide support for 1080p and 802.11 pre-N (meta-tangent:
> standards processes must evolve, become more agile.)  Non-stories and
> anti-stories:  TiVoToGo for Mac bundled with Roxie;  non-vac Roomba
> for wannabe hacker/makers;  a zillion varieties of differently-
> vertically-integrated net+TV devices, including netgear, Buffalo, and
> Apple's bullshit Airport Express on steroids;  put Linux, Mac OS X,
> or some other UNIX on it, jokers --- or stop wasting my time.  Bonus
> big / undersold meta-story:  consumer NAS enclosures from everybody
> and their dogs.  OB_PREDICTION:  enterprise solid-state terabyte NAS
> for $20k by 3Q07.
> PPS - I have to give one shout-out.  I purchased a Nokia E61 (via a
> sketchy Russian distributor that got it retail on Hong Kong, booted
> into Cantonese) and switched to T-mobile only a few months ago, to
> come up the curve on the smartphone dimension from my lamer 18 mos.
> old. Samsung Palm phone.  I didn't think Apple would really do it.  I
> didn't think they could characteristically and qualitatively redefine
> the phone experience, much less the general handheld / mobile
> experience.  I've never been all that impressed with the iPod.  But
> --- by Jove! --- I think they've done it!  Reengineering the phone
> experience, and putting UNIX underneath?  Now --- THAT'S FUCKING
> HOT!  Go Steve!
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