[FoRK] Who Else Ordered an AppleTV?

Kevin Elliott <K-Elliott at wiu.edu> on Wed Jan 24 09:29:03 PST 2007

At 20:39 -0800  on  1/9/07, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:
>Somehow I seem to have made iTunes the centre of my existence 
>without ever endorsing
>DMCA-compliant AAC or purchasing music from the iTunes Music Store. 
>What's just as
>seductive about Apple's solutions is the subtext that while they'd 
>like you to use their
>formats, etc. you can get things to work with minimal effort without 
>making the lawyers

Amen.  I've purchased a HANDFUL of songs from the music store.  And 
any time I start feeling the pressure of DRM, all I have to do is 
write the to CD and rip them back.  I don't even have to leave 
iTunes- it'll do all the work.  Really, all the DRM whining about 
Apple is just silly in my book- they've delivered the most sensible 
system I can imagine the studio's approving, AND they've given you 
all the tools to completely strip all that DRM for minimal cost.

RE: Content for AppleTV.  It seems to me that Apple's already helped 
create a huge amount of free video content with their support of 
video podcasting. By aggregating all the feeds and providing an easy 
way to access that content they've made huge volumes of video 

>My hope is that by dropping VXID/DIVX components into Quicktime that 
>I'll be able to play
>torrents on my HDTV without a lot of effort.

What's wrong with MPEG4?  Is Linux support for it lagging?
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