[FoRK] Who Else Ordered an AppleTV?

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Thu Jan 25 08:37:53 PST 2007

On 25 Jan 2007 02:49:50 -0800, Kevin Elliott <K-Elliott at wiu.edu> wrote:
> iTunes- it'll do all the work.  Really, all the DRM whining about
> Apple is just silly in my book- they've delivered the most sensible
> system I can imagine the studio's approving, AND they've given you
> all the tools to completely strip all that DRM for minimal cost.

This is such a horribly crafted argument it begs the question, was it
thought out or perhaps generated by some relic of a hypercard program?
You state that the Problem of DRM is No Problem because the DRM can be
stripped away. First year debate team members would be happy to
publicly pants you for this bit of slobism.

"Oh the police state aint so bad, all you need to do is break the laws
and get around the coppers on the beat and you can do whatever you
want" which in this case is listen to music you purchased. Yea ok so
for those who are still in the haze about the reality of that whole
megilah please go read http://downhillbattle.com/itunes/ to start and
then http://www.boingboing.net/2004/12/29/cory_responds_to_wir.html
these just being the two that come to mind.

DRM is a breakage of user and use..period...eol...eof
Support of DRM is to support breaking the user and the use..period...eol..eof

> What's wrong with MPEG4?  Is Linux support for it lagging?

It is well supported, I am surprised an Apple Apologist would not know
that fact...oh wait...yea its a fact...and you don't go by facts do
ya? Nope its all from the gut...or rather Steve Jobs guts. Yes to see
a  Think Different type of fella these days you need only for the
people wearing Steve Jobs guts as some grotesque iPod accessory.
Messy, and did you notice the stink?


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