[FoRK] Who Else Ordered an AppleTV?

Kevin Elliott <K-Elliott at wiu.edu> on Thu Jan 25 13:18:23 PST 2007

At 8:37 -0800  on  1/25/07, Tom Higgins wrote:
>On 25 Jan 2007 02:49:50 -0800, Kevin Elliott <K-Elliott at wiu.edu> wrote:
>>  iTunes- it'll do all the work.  Really, all the DRM whining about
>>  Apple is just silly in my book- they've delivered the most sensible
>>  system I can imagine the studio's approving, AND they've given you
>>  all the tools to completely strip all that DRM for minimal cost.
>This is such a horribly crafted argument it begs the question, was it
>thought out or perhaps generated by some relic of a hypercard program?

Was yours generated by a csh script running on GNU/HURD?  Really, is 
the silly name calling necessary?

>You state that the Problem of DRM is No Problem because the DRM can be
>stripped away. First year debate team members would be happy to
>publicly pants you for this bit of slobism.

Oh please.  I said "they've delivered the most sensible system I can 
imagine the studio's approving".  Then I said "they've given you all 
the tools to completely strip all that DRM for minimal cost".  I 
think that's a pretty big accomplishment.  It's not like everything 
before Apple was some paradise.  I think Apple deserves credit for 
getting the studios to buy into something that isn't completely 

>"Oh the police state aint so bad, all you need to do is break the laws
>and get around the coppers on the beat and you can do whatever you
>want" which in this case is listen to music you purchased. Yea ok so
>for those who are still in the haze about the reality of that whole
>megilah please go read http://downhillbattle.com/itunes/ to start and
>then http://www.boingboing.net/2004/12/29/cory_responds_to_wir.html
>these just being the two that come to mind.

I agree that the world would be a more prefect place if DRM didn't 
exist, the moon we're made of cheese, and I got laid a lot more 
often.  We don't live in that world.  In this world, I think Apple 
has delivered a solution better than anybody else.  Am I wrong?

i propose the following- I want to buy the #1 single legally, and I 
want to do so completely online because I'm lazy and impatient.  I'm 
eager to get my groove on.   Today that single appears to be 
"Irreplaceable" by Beyonce.  I want to end up with an mp3 of that 
file.  I submit that today, the simplest and best way to do so is 
using iTunes.  If your a zealot you can scream and whine about Apple 
being a "police state", but from everything I've seen and heard, 
their a heck of a lot nicer than the competition.  But if I'm wrong, 
I'd love to hear who I should be buying my online music from instead.
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