[FoRK] Who Else Ordered an AppleTV?

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Thu Jan 25 15:32:47 PST 2007

On 1/25/07, Kevin Elliott <K-Elliott at wiu.edu> wrote:
> Was yours generated by a csh script running on GNU/HURD?  Really, is
> the silly name calling necessary?

Silly silly silly, that's your bomb messier.

> I agree that the world would be a more prefect place if DRM didn't
> exist, the moon we're made of cheese, and I got laid a lot more
> often.  We don't live in that world.  In this world, I think Apple
> has delivered a solution better than anybody else.  Am I wrong?

DRM being a bad thing we can all agree on, so whats the deal. But then
you equate the certainty of DRM with your sex life and the make up of
a fromage based satellite? Come on, this is weak tea at best.

The problem is folks like you who desire us to live in your vision of
the world when it has been made very clear to you time and time again
it is not the only working model of the world. DRM is not the Way It
Has To Be. It is the way you have been told it is and you are happy to
co opt your self and your views to that...others are not and will not.
This causes you to paint them Silly.

"The earth is in the center and we are surrounded by perfect crystal
spheres because that is what we have always known and all this
nonsense about it being otherwise is heretical"

Oh yea, think different.

Silly, sir, is putting your hands in the cuffs and asking the cops to
take you in on no charge and for no reason other than someone told you
you are guilty first and innocent last. Your overlords pushing of DRM
as a world view is having a few problems tech and buy in wise and this
put a nasty, silly if you will, wrinkle.

"Why wont these bloody kippers just bow to the cane and be thankful we
allow them to listen to anything at all, what what. Music without DRM,
that's bloody unthinkable"

> i propose the following- (snip rigged experiement)

The options and alternatives to DRM laiden music are many, go forth
and be amazed at the bounty that is and that could be if the slave
mind were not so eager to please masa CEO by wearing all the
preapproved slaveware and listen to only slavetunes. DRM will exist if
the masses allow it to... remember DIVX before it was a cool codec?
Yea, so please with the "this is the way of things so enjoy the crumbs
from the table of the overlords" crap.

I propose the following....free your mind..think different....oh wait.

> If your a zealot you can scream and whine about Apple being a "police state", but from
> everything I've seen and heard, their a heck of a lot nicer than the competition.

So standing up and saying DRM is a load of crap and those that support
it dine on that fecal wonderment is now Zealotry? Sir, you are so well
filled with the koolaid I think perhaps your eyeballs are red
flavored. Apple rolls out DRM servitude and the salves dont want to be
called slaves, oh how quaint. Political Correctness all around and
some appetizers for table 3.

-tom(hey did i switch to caffeinated drinks again)higgins

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