[FoRK] WiFi in the Sky Will Die..

Ian Andrew Bell <hello at ianbell.com> on Mon Jan 29 11:13:49 PST 2007

It was in 2004 that United announced it would have in-flight WiFi on  
every domestic route by the end of 2006.  Can anyone on this list  
confirm that it has achieved that goal on any single flight?

Now comes more conventional wisdom that the hassle of shielding  
paneling, cabling, radios, and antennae actually causes weight bloat  
on aircraft, and it's cheaper and less trouble to just wire up every  
seat with Ethernet.

... that's probably true when you're starting from scratch, since you  
could likely combine cabling for other stuff (audio, etc.) with it.   
But on a retrofit WiFi might still... well... fly.

Then there's the FCC.  The STA.  The NTSB.  The FAA.

Then there's  108 other flying nations with their own Alphabet  
Agencies, all wanting their pound of flesh.

Yeah, good luck.


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