[FoRK] [TRAVELMAN] the worst way to watch the superbowl...

Khare, Rohit <rkhare at commerce.net> on Sun Feb 4 18:49:41 PST 2007

...Is not just when your team is losing... 29-17 at the moment, those bastard colts that stole out of Baltimore in '83 and never made it to the superbowl since they *were* the Baltimore Colts -- and made it here by defeating the favored Baltimore Ravens the city worked so long to mint as an expansion team.

... Is not just when you are hosting a great party... At our home in nyc on an even bigger-and-better 14' screen in hd -- and Smruti has dragged me into the office on her day off to be stuck watching it in the company cafeteria, alone. (Our friends are graciously hosting for us, in absentia)

... No, the worst way to see the Superbowl is when there are NO COMMMERCIALS! 

You see, I'm on the 35th floor of a sunny skyscraper looking directly down on the Sydney Opera House -- and ESPN international is running the game, live, with nothing but promos for their in-house cricket coverage :(

I can even love Brad's traditional Only-Commercials party, but this is just painful. Even more painful than seeing the Evil Ones up twelve with 5 minutes to go.

But, hey, on a TRAVELMAN note, who were we to pass up a surprise week off for my wife (and her underemployed husband) when I pulled out two free First Class award tickets to Australia with 12 hours' notice? Yes; a similar pair of seats (50% off in ff miles) literally are not available for the next eleven months.

So it's only (un)fair that as soon as we got off the 747 United First Suite, her pager went nuts with "where are you" emails and we had to go straight to the SYD office of her firm to go to work. At least it has a view (and a celeb architect, Renzo Piano (Aurora Place)).

2:35 to go...


Ps. Anyone FoRKs we should meet in SYD (until Fri) or in Melbourne (this weekend)?
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