[FoRK] And then there's Haskell...

Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> on Sat Feb 24 11:00:58 PST 2007

I want to note for the record that Adwords appears to believe that
there is a correlation between Lisp use and need for cures for gout.

Always happy to provide relevant data points-

On 2/24/07, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
> On Feb 24, 2007, at 12:35 PM, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
> > Jeff Bone wrote:
> >>
> >> You never really went steady, but you'd run into her from time to
> >> time while knocking around in disreputable joints, usually late at
> >> night, every several months or so.  She looked so hot, so sleek,
> >> so sexy, so expressive, so exotic.  You'd end up back at her place
> >> and the night would just...  take off.  A complete blur of hot,
> >> sweaty, feverish, delirious, fumbling passion.  You'd do things to
> >> each other...  you'd do things to her, she'd do things to you...
> >> things that you're not even sure have names, that you're pretty
> >> sure are illegal almost anywhere.  Even her kinks have kinks ---
> >> and after one of these nights, you'd realize that you yourself had
> >> a lot more kinks than you.
> ^you.^you realized.
> >> And it wasn't just physical, it was --- cerebral.  Ethereal.
> >> Transcendent.  But it would all whiz by in a blur, and by morning
> >> you'd find yourself lightheaded, a bit confused, and stumbling
> >> homeward to your regular gal.
> > You're right.  It really is time for me to move to California.
> Haskell hangs out in Austin, too... ;-)  Usually at Emo's, or Casino
> El Camino.  Or old school night at Elysium.  Look for the ripped
> fishnets and the red beret.
> BTW, beware her evil semi-look-alike:  O'Caml.  She's actually a he.
> O'Caml's a cross-dresser.  But easy --- if you're into that sort of
> thing.
> >> Over the next few days and weeks you'd find yourself occasionally
> >> drifting away, thinking about her.  Haskell.  You'd be there,
> >> banging away at your regular girl, and find yourself thinking "you
> >> know, if I was with Haskell, I'd be doing this completely
> >> differently."  You'd think "I could be
> > I know Haskell, and she's a bitch.  Lots of fun, but too much
> > work.  Sure, everything's great if you get everything perfect for
> > her, but don't count on her to tell you what's wrong.
> Actually, she's always quite happy to tell you exactly what's wrong.
> You just won't understand it.  ;-)
>   Small.hs:5:63:
>       Couldn't match expected type `a' (a rigid variable)
>              against inferred type `Maybe a'
>         `a' is bound by the type signature for `filterNothings'
>           at Small.hs:4:26
>         Expected type: [[a]]
>         Inferred type: [[Maybe a]]
>       In the second argument of `filter', namely `xs'
>       In the expression: (filter (const True) xs)
> All that Maybe, Just, Either, Nothing, Forall, etc. stuff --- you'd
> think she was equivocating.  But nope --- she *always* has a very
> precise idea in mind.  It's just...  complicated.
> jb
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