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Jeffrey Winter <JeffreyWinter at crd.com> on Fri Mar 9 13:05:25 PST 2007

If this sort of an organization results in more productivity, 
etc., then they'll win.  I wonder how many developers wear
ties at IBM anymore?  

The idea of a leaderless organization seems to be a 
meme under heavy consideration of late.

A quick, interesting read, if not utopian despite 
protestations otherwise:

Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology:

(download the free PDF)

The premise being that anthropologist have much to
offer as catalogers of cultures that have employed
leaderless organization as a basic principle.

- Jeff

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Luis Villa wrote on 3/9/2007 5:08 AM:
> http://www.worldblu.com/blog/
> 'Workplace Democracy' consulting firm. It is buried in several layers
> of consult-speak, but I think there is something interesting there. If
> nothing else, I think they identify some of the problem- many people
> who are used to having extreme personal autonomy in other parts of
> their lives go into the workplace and suddenly give up all that
> autonomy. High expectations -> unhappy people.

Perhaps 18 years of being told how unique and special you are, 
memorizing completely useless crap for the standardized tests in public 
schools (1/3 now drop out), always getting A's because one B _will_ 
prevent you from getting into a top college and result in a lawsuit 
against the school, and 6 hours a day on myspace isn't preparing kids 
for the workplace so well after all.

I'm not going to say once you move out of the top 2-3% or so the 
American workforce is unskilled, overpriced, and lazy, the world economy

demonstrates that well enough already.

The real purchasing power of the dollar has also been dropping a great 
deal over time, which doesn't help. Unless you're getting a 10% raise a 
year, you're losing ground and your house is about to be worth alot less

then you paid for it.

So of course they are miserable.

Adam L. Beberg
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