[FoRK] Mmmmm, pi

Wayne Baisley <baisley at alumni.rice.edu> on Thu Mar 15 09:27:41 PDT 2007

>>>I (along with uncountable others)
>>Zounds.  I'd've thought we'd be countable in this
>>phase space.
> Uncountable in the sense that you had no idea I'd
> observed a pi second of silence until I told you.
> There is no reason to believe that everyone who
> observes pi second would necessarily let the
> enumerators know.

Ah, you meant uncounted.  But I've found that, even at the macro level, pies 
observed are pies altered.

> Appeals to Cartesian cardinality are uncalled for.

Heavens, no.  It's all about the Hamiltonians.  They're still worth $10, even 
in the best little Sub-Riemannian manifold in Texas, about what you'd pay for a 
current pie, if I'm not mistaken.  Ask Marvin Zindler.


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