[FoRK] Mmmmm, pi

Wayne Baisley <baisley at alumni.rice.edu> on Thu Mar 15 13:52:48 PDT 2007

>>>>>I (along with uncountable others)
>>>>Zounds.  I'd've thought we'd be countable in this
>>>>phase space.
>>>Uncountable in the sense that you had no idea I'd
>>>observed a pi second of silence until I told you.
>>>There is no reason to believe that everyone who
>>>observes pi second would necessarily let the
>>>enumerators know.
>>Ah, you meant uncounted. 
> I am the 'meaner', and I asure you I meant
> uncountable. Belief in countability of pi second
> observers is a leap of faith. A faith in the belief
> that all pi second observers would fess up to
> enumerators. A person being silent at pi second is
> indistinguishable from a person observing pi second.

What, meanest, thou?

You want to be counted among those who believe that pieple can't speak and 
simultaneously objerve a silence?  (How bright are those things, anywho?)  I 
contend Quantum Fork Dynamics requires the intertwingling of all such paths, 
especially thru Far Rockaway.  How many angels must tinkle on the tip of your 
needlenose pliers before neutralinos can weigh their own B-Squizzle franchise? 
  Thank God for autoclaves.


Atheists never suffer foxnews in their holes.

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