[FoRK] Mmmmm, pi

Albert S. <albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com> on Thu Mar 15 16:26:13 PDT 2007

--- Wayne Baisley <baisley at alumni.rice.edu> wrote:
> What, meanest, thou?
> You want to be counted among those who believe that
> pieple can't speak and simultaneously objerve a

Pieple who speak during pi second are an abomination
to pi in the sky. I'd objerve pi to more digits if I
had an atomic clock.

>(How bright are those things, anywho?)  I 
> contend Quantum Fork Dynamics requires the
> intertwingling of all such paths, 
> especially thru Far Rockaway.

Every planck time unit that passes the universe could
move into any of about 10^192 different quantum
states, although not necessarily New York State.
Moving, in particular, accelerating toward Far Rockway
would indeed improve my chances of objerving pi to
increasing precision. Although, the west coast has
greater appeal for meteorological reasons.

>  How many angels must tinkle on the tip of your 
> needlenose pliers before neutralinos can weigh their
> own B-Squizzle franchise? 
>   Thank God for autoclaves.

And finally we have come to the root of the problem.
Thank God Indeed.


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