[FoRK] how to tivo an internet ad?

Reza B'Far <reza at voicegenesis.com> on Sat Mar 17 13:28:49 PDT 2007

There are a variety of implementations of ads... IF you are looking at an
IFrame banner ad, in FF, you would want to look at the source code for the
iframe... then you can write your own HTML page that encapsulate the proper
references for the IFrame.  For Javascript ads, it's a bit more tricky, but
essentially, a good portion of the time, the banner ad is separate from the
page itself and you have to find the section of the source code that points
to that specific banner ad.

Of course, you're never guaranteed about the life-time of the creative on
the target server.


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Lets say you are on a website and you are served up this most creative
banner ad ever - you want to tell your friends about it etc. You send
them the URL to the site, they go there, and they won't find that ad -
it would be gone and replaced with some Netflix ad.

How do you capture a banner ad with all its animation, Flash etc and
send it to a friend or digg it?
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