[FoRK] Using TV airwaves for internet

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Sun Mar 18 14:32:37 PDT 2007

Several thoughts right from the get go....

-The ghetoization then evacuation of the old tv freqs has been
bubbling around for some time and from time to time a "good use" plan
comes to the top in hopes to make it seem worthwhile.  This one seems
to be the play of the alternative media scene...

-Look at that list of Powers that Be backing the idea. Market shares,
oh yea. was Apple not in that list?

-TV like radio before it, has been looking for a new biz model to get
rid of that silly old "viewers ride free" model. Tivo pissed them off
major , being seen as wrecking the last bastion of the eyeball prison.
What replaces it? Mostly the models I have seen are pay methods
(cable, sirius/xm, isps). Cable TV has now become more a part of how
how many watch tv then before, numbers for torrenting the shows or
watching them on "official"  net methods (I got to watch the first 15
episodes of Heroes on the NBC site) seems to be on the rise. So why
bother with transmiters and FCC regulations? That part is a whole
other post.

-Follow the money trail...who wins when over the air TV goes byebye?
Comcast is a sure shot winner. Cable or Net, either way they get a
large slice of that newly displaced pie, in fact the case can be made
they already are winning that war.

-Is this going to be a push consumer net plan? The Wii hs certainly
started working that nerve...leave it in the 24on mode and when you
awake there might be new goodies awaiting you on your unit. Same same
but different with this idea. Set top devices that use the old tv
spectrum to soak in the days programing, news feeds, etc etc that can
then be played back when wanted? Oh yea... DRM ahoy. This would
elevate the need for a 2 way structure...my TV never has to talk back
to the local PBS station to let it know I missed a show because the
PBS station cares not.

-If it is 2 way whats the upstream. Visions of older days dish isps?
Blech. If you want a 2 way net you are only as fast as your slowest
leg. Comcast and other consumer net isps bank on the fact hier users
do not serve or send up more than crcs and request packets. Its all
grab grab grab.oh yea toss in a TOS to nail it in...(grey areas like
BT will eventually be dealt with)

-Sidebar...what happens to the Ham bands when the last ham goes into
the retirement home whcih does not allow them to bring their rig in
with them?...whats going on with HDradio?

and what about Niome.


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