[FoRK] Using TV airwaves for internet

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Sun Mar 18 15:31:47 PDT 2007

Joost wise, I have sent in for an official invite but only have in my
inbox a "wait wait wait" response. Is it worth the anticipation?

Now to the freqs and specs....Mesh? Medium to short haul pass offs
plastered all over the landscape with neighborhood sized clusters
feeding up to the more global? It was one of the early plans of the
wireless group I am part of up here, but it required more of a
footprint than our all volunteer effort could muster. What we did was
far mode of individual nodes using the isps net as back haul with a
few clusters of nodes in hoodnets. Would the slice of wavelength that
TV now resides on be good for that? It would elevate the need to do
large scale hollering cross town on the client ends for true twoway
noodling yet would require all the fun mesh has to hamper one with.

I do think that devices that can broadcast far and loud enough could,
and in gray circle does, exist.


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