[FoRK] WSMF is dead..our new addresses

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Sat Mar 17 22:10:15 PDT 2007

Yes for those who have not already hear wsmf.org has slipped,
willingly, into that good night of once useful domain names. It served
a purpose, had its heyday, was fun for a good long time and now has
been put to rest. Dawn and I are working on a new domain name TBD

So burn all those wsmf.org email addresses and urls from your lobes
and make room for the new ones, ones with a very google sort of

tomhiggins at gmail.com
dawnhiggins at gmail.com


Family Photos

Well this is a bit of a mess since where we are now has very soviet
options for net access, Comcast or Nothing. Yes I know that for years
I have ranted on about the evil C but as it was this or nothing....yea
so shot me. The long and the short of it is hosting all the cool type
projects I have over the last decade or so is against the Terms Of
Service here in Comcast country. I am looking into other hosting
options for the irregularly scheduled netxplorations, so stay tuned.

While I am at it, for those who have not gotten the new meatspace
address here it be; it should further explain why we are now in
Comcast country

2704 NE 149th ave
Vancouver, WA 98684

Yes, Vansuburbain hell, third ring of hades and home to strip malls
and near zero books stores(please do not let me go one why Boarders
Express is not a real bookstore) but it is closer to Heather and that
as they say is all that it needs to be.


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