[FoRK] Is the singularity now only 13 years distant?

Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> on Fri Mar 30 11:35:50 PDT 2007

  The best ever rendition of the plausible future I have ever seen
  (and I've made a point of seeing a lot) is a book by Vernor
  Vinge called:

      Rainbows End


  My personal review is at: http://communitywiki.org/en/RainbowsEnd

  Basically, it takes place somewhere between 2020-2040,
  and Pervasive Computing has been in existence for a while.
  You can really start to get a sense to what pre-"singularity"
  (whatever that "defining moment" might be) would feel like,
  and how you would recognize change.

  It focuses a lot of user interface and collective intelligence;
  Nanotech hardly has a play, biotech is big (humanity is,
  piece by piece, figuring out how to restore/regenerate/patch
  different disorders,) people are figuring out how the brain
  works in patches and spots, thinks like Amazon's Mechanical
  Turk and Grid Computing look downright primitive, compared
  to the "Analyst Pools" that can be ordered on the spot,
  wearable computing is the norm, and...

  I highly recommend to all technologists.

  After you read that, THEN go rent or read Ghost in the Shell,
  for entertainment.  But read Rainbow's End for your substance.

  Take care,
    Lion =^_^=

On 3/30/07, Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I remember the heady 90s. The internet was going to change everything,
> even my refridgerator. Nanotechnology was about to make clothes washers
> obsolete, and soon would cure cancer and heart disease. And even those
> advances would be overshadowed by the singularity, which was destined
> to overtake us by no later than 2020. All the curves proved that.
> Anyone want to forecast the next singularity?
> ;-)
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