[FoRK] Is the singularity now only 13 years distant?

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Fri Mar 30 13:14:29 PDT 2007

B.K. DeLong wrote:
> Where's my flying car and my personal jet pack? ;)
Haven't you guys been paying attention???  ;-)

I'm saving for these:
The Mountain Goat lands in 125ft. rolling and takes off in 50ft. 
rolling, stalls at 27mph and cruises at 180kts (at least), with one 
passenger and great payload.  That beats just about any other flying car 
that I've seen.  I will buy one as soon as I can.

Skywalker jet packs in development

OK, the jetpack isn't that practical, but the plane is not a problem.  
You can buy a variety of Light Sport Aircraft for $50K-120K, some of 
which burn 3 gallons per hour and have a range of 900nm.  Others are IFR 
certified, etc.

The real hold up is airspace restrictions, airports, allowing more and 
better GPS navigation, intra-plane anti-collision and coordination, etc.
The airport issue can be handled at the neighborhood level, as it is in 
Florida and various scattered locations, but that takes more interested 
and savvy landowners.  With the Mountain Goat, you only need about a 
block of runway, whether it's a field or the driveway or the street. 

It wouldn't take much to have a radio-controlled stoplight system where 
cars could come and go from driveways and adjoining streets until 
someone wanted to taxi/takeoff or land/takeoff.  They could signal by 
radio, exactly the way that airport lights are controlled now, which 
would give everyone a red light for a few minutes.

People are irrational however.  It's easily possible now - only held 
back by intelligence and poor decisions.
Note that in some cases, flying is more economical than driving, even 
comparing modern vehicles to 40 year old general aviation technology, 
but especially with these new planes.

> On 3/30/07, Russell Turpin <deafbox at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> I remember the heady 90s. The internet was going to change everything,
>> even my refridgerator. Nanotechnology was about to make clothes washers
>> obsolete, and soon would cure cancer and heart disease. And even those
>> advances would be overshadowed by the singularity, which was destined
>> to overtake us by no later than 2020. All the curves proved that.
>> Anyone want to forecast the next singularity?
>> ;-)
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