[FoRK] Re: Automatic File Backup services - USB PC

Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> on Fri Mar 30 13:48:26 PDT 2007

It's perfectly doable, but not for free.  Enough advertising, perhaps.
Much better than a USB key would be a USB computer.  I have one of 
those, running Linux and having a fingerprint reader, at home that I've 
been looking for a good project for.  I might be persuaded that this 
kind of app would be good.


B.K. DeLong wrote:
> Subject not pithy enough to break spam filters? Or is this a silent
> statement that current free/OS backup services suck?
> On 3/29/07, B.K. DeLong <bkdelong at pobox.com> wrote:
>> Finally gotten to the point of traveling with a USB key encrypted by
>> TrueCrypt running Portable Apps. It get lost or taken, no
>> problem....fully encrypted Firefox, Filezilla, GAIM, PasswordSafe etc.
>> However, lose key then data lost. I don't want localized backup. I'd
>> love to find a service that is similar to Google Synch. I open
>> Firefox, it synchs with Google Sync encrypting and sending over all my
>> history, cookies, and bookmarks. I close it, it resyncs
>> I want to do the same with my 1GB TrueCrypt file that contains all my
>> portable apps. That way if the key goes corrupt, gets lost, stolen
>> etc, I just pull it down off the server onto a new key.
>> I know there's been a slew of free file hosting services but anything
>> with this feature? It certainly would be the Trifecta in my portable,
>> secure apps.
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