[FoRK] Is the singularity now only 13 years distant?

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Fri Mar 30 21:06:55 PDT 2007

On 3/30/07, Stephen D. Williams <sdw at lig.net> wrote:
> Um... theists is what you really mean.  Deists are pretty harmless by
> comparison.

Yes sir, you are correct. Though I still think those diest are just
fence sitters :)- Trouble I tell ya.

> The last 15 years have been amazingly good.

For tech, sure its been more ramp up of the recursive nature of change
(feed back ramp ups and spikes) but mentality wise i think you are
oerlooking some of the points I was bringing up. When the rate of
change outstrips the ability of humans to use it rationally then the
fan and the fecal matter have, and will , meet.

I still hold the pretty chrome promises  of the
SUPRAFUTRUETOMORROWWORLD will look as bizarrely twilighzonesh
optimistic against all reasonable data points as the 1930's era Worlds
Fair flicks look today.

As for bubbles, TANSTAAFL  some one eats , some one cooks and some one
plays food source.

I do not doubt for a moment change is ever happening and that from a
point down the road the now will seem flint chip quaint, what I do
doubt is the turn on and buy in of rational minds that will be needed
to wield what it is that we are cooking to make this all worth doing,
that is not making just a slicker more chrome plated version of the
shit we are wallowing in now..

You can dress us monkeys up pretty but eventually one of us does the
Pull My Finger gag, starts digging for nits in their neighbors fur or
flings crap at the monkeys over there becuase they aint of the tribe.

> I'm working on it, how about you?  ;-)

Im raising a little brood of skeptics and rational thinkers, well
thats the long term goal anyway. Even if you buy into the life
extension stuff thats heading our way do you really want to fill up
the populace for a few decades with the same tired old hacks who
thought Jebus wanted us to fight a war against them aaaaaarabs.

New blood better taught...I should put that on the biz cards.

-tom(so where do I satnd when the ball of light comes down)higgins

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