[FoRK] Re: "Thanks for the Facts. Now Sell Them."

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Tue Apr 17 09:05:43 PDT 2007

Sci Vs Religion...hmmm Separation of State and Superstition ..lets see..

Ok so the simple plan would be this.....

Since....religious folks will tell you the rules to their game are
"accept the "word" or be denied
(heaven/forgiveness/redemption/nirvana/a butt load of virgins)


Since.....religious folks regard science/rationality as the problem to
their having a world society more in the mold of what their deity
tells them it needs to be


All scientific revelations, cures, advancements, benefits and the like
should be unavailable to them. Why should thy continue to be burdened
with having to live around things that are
abominations/contradictions/affronts to their wold views? Why should
they have to be harried at every turn by science such that they might
stray from the path?

Sick, hungry, thirsty, in need...the deity's creations and miracle are
the all so therefore they will sustain, cure and sate all needs and
wants. Use of tv, internet, telephone, fax, cell??? Nope..Pray, bow ,
kneel, supplicate.

Please lets not play the "I can walk in both worlds" shtick
either...you are either on the bus or your off the bus..oh wait a bus
is a machination of science....so I guese that answers that.

I can hear some in the crowd say...."ah but in the bible there are
many instances of machines and such..." yes and its those machines
that are trouble to the soul. Architecture and Engineering,
hello..Tower of Babel. Look at all the problems that happen becuase of
carpentry alone.. Then some will say that Agriculture is a needed
science, well go tell that to the folks who lived on Mana, did they
need Monsanto? Cars, oh boy now there is an easy example to deal with.

So there you go, problem solved. All the faithful need to pile into
the middle east and live the dream. All that biblical history , all
that love from the religious people there, all the promise of the
deity's desire right there where it all went down. Meanwhile the vile
stem cell monkey's uncle abortionist science types can stay in the
lands of the devil and never do you a lick of worry. A little Marcus
Garveyesque but ya know it just feels like the right thing all around.


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