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Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> on Sat Apr 21 11:18:04 PDT 2007

On Fri, Apr 20, 2007 at 10:03:41PM -0700, Tom Higgins wrote:

> My 4 year old and I are occasional tourists into SL. I thought it
> would be a mud with great grfx, that it was more I was both happy and
> not so happy.

I'm also occasionally dipping in (I'm the Terence McKenna with a
chupacabra avatar, largely hanging out on the uvvy island), but 
the gfx is not really state of the art (CryEngine2 it's not).
> The Happy, things like the cool learning places ben and I go. The not
> so happy, the fact that a good chunk of it reminds of the area around
> the Port Authority bust station in NYC circa the early 1980's. When
> you can squick me online you have in deed gone it one step beyond (cue
> trumpets)

What really gets my goat is the mansuits and the McMansions. 
These people have no frigging imagination.
> Now open sourceing the code for the server...man I have heard of this
> and I am so amzingly excited a the potenital it makes me giddy. Not
> that I will have the time to spend on it as i would in my 20's and
> 30's (there are muds that took the brunt of my enthusiam back then)..

What's the U.S. demographics now? Are the there less young people
today than 20-30 years ago?
> I do  very much expcet one of you knuckleheads, or group of fork
> knuckleheads, to set up a place such that when the going gets hot

Right now an an island sets you back 1.3 k$ in setup, and some $300/month
on operation, so an open source server really is an interesting piece
of news.

> events like a Bone V Whore cage match can and will take palce. ...as
> well as other great interactie events...like music playing,
> conventions, real debates etc etc.
> Not as a replacement mind you, as an augmentation.
> Wait till you see my avatar..I got this cool ass blade with 20
> scriptable moves....kung fu fork theater:)-

This shit better be immersive.

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