[FoRK] Re: FoRK Digest, Vol 42, Issue 21

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Tue Apr 24 11:20:04 PDT 2007

Think of the right to bear arms almost as the national appendix

At one time it was of value, a newly won freedom needed to be
vouchsafed from all tyrants foreign and domestic. The population back
then hunted and such so that the use of a gun was more ingrained in
them compared to what was to come. Over time though the fight for
keeping our freedoms went from imperative to fad to faded. We have
devolved in intent from having to had fought for our freedoms to
making excuses why we don't vote, or if we vote why we only vote for
one of two choices rather than a full spectrum of choices a real
democracy would have. The conflicts we send out young to die for have
mostly been for economic or political points rather than keeping our
freedoms secure, the expectation of this being WWII where the threat
of a viral global badness was real. Our glorious leader officially
states he  sends our young to die for other counties to be
democratic..... while our democracy decays, yea progress.

So the time when wielding a shotgun to protect the red white and blue
is long gone, if there is a threat on the essential freedoms it will
come as a corporate take over, a lobby sponsored bill, "for our own
good" and will likely be backed , if at all, by fire power created and
bought by our tax money...irony is good for the diet.

The real threat, one that I think has already done a shiz load of
damage, is apathy. You gun nuts go and address apathy with your penis
extensions and see how that works.

So there ya go, part of the nation is made to feel like that are REAL
AMERICANS by arming themselves with straw pea shooters while apathy,
lobby concerns, political power grabs and the bottom line make them
look as useful as a glory hole in an elevator.


Oh yea, and with the guns floating around let the pleebs off each
other to install even more fear, uncertainty and doubt into the masses
such they give up0 even more hope or spend their energies of fighting
that rather than actually vouchsafing our freedoms.

So yea, appendix bust body dies...how did that work out hanging on to
that artifact?

bang bang   have a nice day


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