[FoRK] Radical Longevity

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Tue Apr 24 17:49:21 PDT 2007

On 4/24/07, Albert S. <albert.scherbinsky at rogers.com> wrote:
> What substitute does Science have for this?

You mean science needs to come up with Pepsi alternatives to every
religious Coke feature?
Oi Vey? So next we will need a scientific equiv of redemption, revenge
and damnation?

How about this....Is it not a fraking wonder you are even alive and
aware of being a self? Is that not enough to live a full life, treat
those around you well and when your time here is up you leave the
place as good or better for the next folks to come along? If its not
enough then why?

Besides, you are, I think, forgetting why it is the hereafter makes so
many people feel so warm and good that they are willing to tithe,
lobotomize and in some cases die for that belief .....becuase life
here SUCKS for so many. For some its being born into eons old
conflicts that have left the land spoiled, the economic resources few
and very little options for a future other than revenge or death. For
others its being sold a bill of promises early on in life that can
never be fulfilled, so they feel life just sucks becuase they are not
what they were told they would be or that the world around them is not
the fairy tale land they were told it would be. Others find the events
in their life just too much to deal with so rather than take them on
they subjugate their reality to one that paints a rosy picture of what
is to come after this shitty deal is over.

And that is not covered in your life extension plan.sh

What we need is more people to life such that they make what we have a
bit better than it is rather than turning what they have of a life
into a hollow puppet show of fantasty aims and broken
promises.....that road has historically proven to bring you to a place
where you would indeed want to click your heels three times and mutter
I Want To Go Home as you quaff the special koolaid.

So yea, life extension is all good and all that , but the quality of
that life had better be a damn sight better than what we are currently
getting in many of the hot spots of this world or what we are going to
wind up with is very old very wealthy ruling classes pushing the under
80 crowd around like pawns in chess.

-tom(longevity solution for me = laying off the edibles )higgins

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