[FoRK] FoRK in London?

Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> on Wed Apr 25 05:12:09 PDT 2007

On Wed, Apr 25, 2007 at 06:35:46AM -0500, Jeff Bone wrote:
> Anybody in London?  My sched on this biz trip got shuffled a bit and  
> it looks like I might have some free time on Friday.  I'm not aware  
> of anybody on the list currently residing in / visiting London, but...?

I'll be in Oxford end May.

Speaking of U.K., does anyone know how difficult it is for a nonresident
(but a Ltd. owner) to open a business bank account in U.K.? Preferrably,
on the cheap (online banking only), and offering both EUR/pound account
options? Ing DiBa seems to be all around the place, but they do seem to 
have restrictions on U.K. account owners.

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