[FoRK] Competing with Asia

Adam L Beberg <beberg at mithral.com> on Fri Apr 27 23:44:39 PDT 2007

HK Pang wrote on 4/27/2007 2:36 PM:
> Regarding your busy life, I guess everyone I know is in similar
> situation. The only exception is the off shore developers in India.
> They told me they have two servants - one for taking care of the
> babies and one for household chores.
> How can any American software engineer be able to compete with the
> India/Chinese if we spend half of the office time worrying about
> kids/daycare and dinner plan?

We rely on the asian style of education where they memorize mostly
useless crap for 12+4(+n) years for ranking exams to cripple their
higher brain functions. If you don't rate in the top X on the IIT
entrance exams, you're barely fit to clean the cardboard boxes that the
poor people live in. But how else can you sort out which 1% of
billions of people will have decent lives?

It works so well, they are trying to do the same thing here with "no
child left behind" to make wrestling, nascar, and religeon even more
popular :)

Why did you think we let 15M+ illegals stay... as servants!

Adam L. Beberg

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