[FoRK] stolen cashier's check

Dave Long <dave.long at bluewin.ch> on Tue May 1 02:19:57 PDT 2007

It's surprising the bank wasn't willing to cover you for the 90 days.  If  
banks can't float, who could?

> Regarding your busy life, I guess everyone I know is in similar
> situation. The only exception is the off shore developers in India.
> They told me they have two servants - one for taking care of the
> babies and one for household chores.

I've no idea how serious these numbers are, but here's a calculation from  
silklist on whether or not to make a 500 USD/mo car payment:

> However what I find amazing is the candour with which automobile  
> financiersadvertise cars with "low" estimated monthly instalments of Rs  
> 20,000. For20,000 Rupees a month you can get a driver, two domestic  
> helps, an ayah foryour kid and a watchman/gardener and still have money  
> left over for monthlyinstalments on a less expensive non imported car  
> from a fully depreciatedIndian company.


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