[FoRK] Re: stolen cashier's check

Corinna <corinna.schultz at gmail.com> on Tue May 1 10:22:16 PDT 2007

Dave Long wrote:
> It's surprising the bank wasn't willing to cover you for the 90 days.  
> If banks can't float, who could?

You'd think, wouldn't you?

They told us our only option was to get an assurity bond (handled by a 
third party), which would cost something like $220. We tried. The 
company wanted us to have twice the amount in liquid assets. How ironic 
is that? We'd just paid for a house! How much liquidity do you think we 
have at the moment? Especially that we had to wire out the amount that 
was stolen just to be able to close on the house.

They didn't care about our real estate, or my good credit score. Or my 
upcoming better job, or the paid-off cars, either.

I suppose if we'd been living on our credit cards these last few months, 
  and not paying them off, we'd have *plenty* of liquidity! Do people 
get rewarded for being financially irresponsible?

I regret not putting down a higher earnest money amount...

All I need now is for the moving company to lose our van, or for our 
airplane to crash on the way to Oregon!

The one bright spot is that the house seems to have worked out ok, 
despite my anxiety about house hunting long distance. The internet is a 
wonderful thing.

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