[FoRK] Calling [redacted] and all the ships at sea.

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Wed May 2 09:43:44 PDT 2007

On 5/2/07, Bill Humphries <bill at whump.com> wrote:
> It's telling about our culture that the response to sexist and
> boorish behavior on Digg is crickets chirping, while the moment
> someone posts an anti-circumvention measure property owners flush the
> alert lawyers and get the injunctions in the bullpen warming up.

It was telling in a lot of ways that the thing most users repsonded to
was not the key itself, it was that posts were taken down and users
banned, and some of both for not mentioning the key but commenting on
the posts being gone. Why does it surprise anyone that a site that is
based on users posting articles and voting on them would draw so much
attention when the mechanism for posting and voting got fuxored with?
The [redacted] was out for many a day before this happened, so it
being about the key is secondary. It was simply about a a reaction to
an action by a group of people who react to things on a site made for
folks to react to things.

This is where the traditionalists and sticks in the mud get it wrong.
Those who live in the caves of hierarchically top heavy power
structures usually do find it odd to see the blue skies of
unencumberedness...the little pink eyes go blink blink blink and a
wonderment of why folks would ever life with such a lack of
confinement stream forth. You can see this in the flury of traditional
news source headlines covering last nights events.

> PS: Yes, I deleted the key, Tom can go play David and Goliath for all
> I care.

The key is in many places, that it is not in the fork archives is
simply telling of those who edit the archives. In todays environs it
is easy to route around such obstacles.

Meanwhile the key is already in the archives, you just have not looked
hard enough:)- Good luck with that.

26253385621730975506616482197253) higgins

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