[FoRK] Lion and rationality

Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> on Thu May 3 08:35:05 PDT 2007

More utterly content-free bullshit from Lion.  I will only address  
the silly assertion that "rationality is just as divergent as human  
nature."  (I won't, for example, dig into whether and what might be  
learned from studying the "X-Men".)

Lion, "rationality" isn't normative.  You're right about that.  But  
neither is it purely subjective.  (That way lies solipsism...)   
"Rationality" is merely acting in a manner consistent with your own  
self-interests.  And self-interest is somewhere between a subjective  
and objective thing;  it is informed by subjective constraints and  
preferences, but given this context an absolute, objective choice can  
be made.  It's possible --- indeed, common --- to be incorrect about  
what you *think* is in your best interest vs. what might actually be  
in your best interest in any given situation.  In general it's  
usually possible, given a choice of two alternatives, for a third  
party to objectively determine which of the alternatives is superior,  
given some set of subjective preferences and constraints.  Oddly we  
often make inferior choices for ourselves, due to inability to factor  
in bias, factor out emotion, etc.

In short, "rationality" per se is not divergent.  In practice, few  
(no?) humans are actually rational actors in all (many?) situations.


On May 2, 2007, at 3:34 PM, Lion Kimbro mumbled a bunch of  
meaningless shit...


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