[FoRK] What is Reason?

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Thu May 3 13:54:36 PDT 2007

The color red is blue.

Now many smart people may see red as red, but that is simply their
combative natures arguing against the anamophogorical nature of the
color itself. Shifted thru the Humesque values of the hues we are
pointed to the only conclusion of the blueness of red, blue in a way
the small angry minds on fork can not nor will not take hold of and
grapple with in a verbose and sugar free methodology.

My assertation to this thesis is as follow


I) Follow me now or pay me latter for fast will eb the sped as in the
trailer for Xmen 2 or even better yet the uncut firectors version of
Spawn. You can nto be empherical about the natures of blueability if
you have not seen that version of Spawn, not even to try is enough by
far. Now smart people may fight this assumption but it is proven in
the glimmer glam pages of the thirty fifth issue of
BubleGumCrisis/Hakiru No Go/One Piece  cross over. It was here we see
the fem fatle and out little golden fingers go player meet the
impossible, seemingly, task of finding the secret map tot he Fruit
Tree island. Did they give up? NO!

Ia) see section 87 to follow in another post for more supporting factiois

=========Name Calling Turns My Brown Eyes Blue================
The atmosphere here is such that a person who is right, who knows they
are right and can prove beyond a shadow rider of doubt with all manner
of verbosity and pure righteous truiness can be made to look seemingly

This is wrong.

==========IT IS WRONG==========

(see above)

>>>>>>>>>>>>Brown Shoes are for Reds<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Reason, my reason which there for is all reason, is a blue bird that
perches on your finger and pewps while it sings a song of its
sibilings. Reaon is a STos episode where Mudd gets in trouble and Kirk
has to save his fat ass by fornicating with a dozen or three robotic
females and, rurmor has it, one central male. That central male is the
coordinator, as I am the coordinator who holds reason in a firm grasp.
Reason is what reason does is what my mama always told me. Yep.

     ==========THERE FOR===========

    A conclusive prognostication was thee and ours but now the sad news is that
     red is blue.

 _-_-_-_-_Why Is Red Blue-_-_-_-_

   We are poor simple brian monkeys and we need red to be blue. We
need it because I think  they do and for the good of all you all must
listen to what I me say here now. Yes yes me precious knows it does
and it says to me red nasty red make blue BLUE BLUEEEEEEE.

Why would you deny this?

  1) You are a big meanie. If you deny what i say you are being a
bully, you are mean and you are being combative for no reason. Ah you
see NO REASON is a reason therefore the reason of it all is a non
reason and all reason is reasonable to hold as REASON therefore if you
reason against reason you are being UNREASONABLE.

  B) You are smart, this is true, BUT I AM SMARTER BUWAHAHAHAHHA. TARDZ ON U
! /\/\ 13+33333><()/~ and you aint nuting but an AOL disc away from
being online. OH but I joke I do because

    III (((((((RED = BLUE)))))))

In conclusion I think it is safe to say that the trees in the forest
blow in thw wind not for a force of nature but as a signal from the
mother earth in agreement of my reason. The toasters all together form
a union of self awareness and thus all our toast comes golden brown
and slathered with butter, this too is a sign of reason and a reason
that is tasty. WHY DO YOU DENY IT?

Everything is alive and bows to  my reason becuase I MAKE IT so, Far
from ebing a needle pulling thread , which is also alive,  ALive I
tell you, it all surrounds us and binds us and flows through us.

Everything is everything and there for nothing is something and I am
you and you are me and we are all TOGETHER.

Coo Coo Cafucking Chew

And that is why Blue = Red

(no this is not a contradiction since is everything is alive and part
of everything else then it is the case that the birds in the trees and
the ants in the hills all bow to the amazing and incredible force of
the Magnum Power Reason(tm). In this way I am the toaster and the
toaster is the bird and the bird is the tree and the tree is the seed
and the red is the blue and the blue is the red and I am right no
matter what you say.

Can you smell what the crock is cooking?


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