[FoRK] What is Reason?

Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> on Thu May 3 18:53:39 PDT 2007

  I have a hard time telling, even reading archives, what FoRK culture
  is like.  A handful of people are loud, but what I'm hearing now is
  that the low frequency posters are important to FoRK culture as well,
  perhaps even majority shareholders.

  I have a hard time telling, without comment either private or public,
  whether I'm saying something that anybody finds relevant.

  I've posted with the idea in mind that **somebody** finds what I'm
  saying at least remotely interesting.  But, I may well be wrong!


  When I first wrote this text, I'd originally continued with, "I'm not
  asking for a public gush of interest, but an email from someone,
  telling me that I'm doing ok, could help."

  But now, there has been a public challenge of interest:

On 5/3/07, Ian Andrew Bell <hello at ianbell.com> wrote:
> On 3-May-07, at 1:16 PM, Lion Kimbro wrote:
> >   and I know that at least *some* of you are interested in what I have
> >  to say.
> Show of hands... anyone?

  ...I feel that I should have a visible sponsor, who is a regular
  here, if I'm to continue writing.

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