[FoRK] What is Reason?

paul <paul at remsset.com> on Fri May 4 06:13:59 PDT 2007

Lots of truth here from Tom.  Pay attention.

I sort of have a list, TheBanyanTree.  I say sort of because we have a 
small group of admin types running the joint but when push comes to 
shove I have the kill button.  For whatever it is worth, I get to be an 
umlaut less uberbitch once in a while.  The bummer is that I've never 
had to nuke someone.   Damn, what a waste of an umlaut.

The Tree is a spin-off from The Spoon.  Google for fun or just click 
http://www.thespoon.com/spoon/ .  Was a cool place.  Oh, my, hell yes. 
Much of the gang moved to a yahoo group and a couple of years later, 
after a few months of Yahoo being really weird, we moved to 
http://remsset.com/thebanyantree .

Drop by, tell a story.  Or just hang out and listen... and once in a 
while tell a writer "good story".

The light is on.

Sorry if this post sounds like an ad.  I didn't start writing it that way.


Tom Higgins said the following on 5/4/2007 2:30 AM:
> On 5/3/07, Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> wrote:
>>   I have a hard time telling, even reading archives, what FoRK culture
>>   is like.
> Yet you seem to have drawn conclusions already, even though you now
> claim to having a hard time of telling what FoRK culture is like....
> Your exact words were "FoRK has a culture of abusive conversation."
>> A handful of people are loud, but what I'm hearing now is
>>   that the low frequency posters are important to FoRK culture as well,
>>   perhaps even majority shareholders.
> The 5% nation of posterinos
> The 5% nation of has the time to post
> The 5% nation of has something to saying
> The 5% nation of casiotone.
> Yet without readers there are not a need for writters. We all here
> find a place in time and purpose and in such we are readers, writters,
> lovers, haters, supporters, detractors, lurkers and snipers. Frak all
> even Beberg has a place...and have you groked a Norquist?
>>   Further:
>>   I have a hard time telling, without comment either private or public,
>>   whether I'm saying something that anybody finds relevant.
> Read the responses, knock on the mic. If the crickets chirp it may not
> mean the readership is 0 but it may mean nothing else is to be added
> at that juncture. Do not take it as a slap in the face if no one
> responds. Over time you will know when something has stuck in another
> mindset and when you have simply added content to the archive..
>>   ...I feel that I should have a visible sponsor, who is a regular
>>   here, if I'm to continue writing.
> Be your own, personal  Rohit...someone to hear your prayers
> someone who cares.
> Without you being you there is no self to project outward, to draw the
> energies of the vast and limitless cosmos with its millions of
> billions of ideas all waiting to be given birth and raised by loving
> entities of pro consciousness, nurtured on the suckling juice of the
> universe and then sent out into the vastness of the greater all to
> take its place in the infinite pantheon of  sacred beingness.....or
> something like that.
> Just be yourself is the short form. But remember the old golden rules
> of the thumb, both thumbs,  Know Thine self and Nothing In Excess.
> We'll leave the light on.
> -tom(kicking it ruby vroom tonight)higgins
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