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Ye gods....were it so easy I would. I'm afraid my hands can no longer keep
up with my brain and I can't really seem to find a voice recognition program
that does it for me. I've tried tons of audio blogging services and even
ones that promise transcription with little to no luck. What I need is a
combination of a transcription program accessible via phone and an
intelligent agent that can aggregate my writings into a library of learning
my writing style to best extrapolate HOW I'm trying to say what I'm saying
haltingly and said voice post.

The easiest solution is GPS connected with a wiki-style tagging service. ie
I'm walking down Mass Ave and pass the MIT bus stop at the student center
and an pushed this:


I continue past Kresge and get this:

with sublink options at Wikipedia or Yelp:

I walk past the Student Center and hit the intersection of Mass and Vassar.
Oh yum....Fresco's - link to local reviews sites and menus.

Pass the mini Nuke plant on Albany and get this;

which someone annotates with the recent story of lax security:

In addition to GPS and an online service, the sensor network could be used
to eventually establish proximity as could wireless routers.

"Oh...I see you're near the MIT router with MAC address XXXXXXXXX. Though
MIT filters based on MAC address, I can still identify the physical location
of that router so I know you are here."

Bluetooth - an ad hoc, asynchronous network with all the bluetooth devices
around. Bandwidth that is shared is in its own mini-DMZ and usage is
controlled by bandwidth prioritization. Kind of like the various @home or
Berkeley BOINC products.

Note; these are free-flowing, brain-to-keyboard thoughts...I got a million
of them .....

On 5/4/07, Jeff Bone <jbone at place.org> wrote:
> On May 4, 2007, at 6:21 PM, B.K. DeLong wrote:
> > I've been quietly inventing the incredible multitude of services
> > that can be
> > generated with such a service in my head.
> WRITE IT DOWN, DeLong!  I'm be your first / best user / evangelist!
> (Yes, pot / kettle / black == irony.)
> jb
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