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J. Andrew Rogers <andrew at ceruleansystems.com> on Sun May 6 13:53:28 PDT 2007

On May 6, 2007, at 1:07 PM, Ian Andrew Bell wrote:

> I'm confused.  I don't understand how (below) is related to PubSub,  
> so there must be some aspect of the company's goals that my  
> postmortem forensic analysis might be missing.
> I have noticed that the company is getting raw Tsunami alerting  
> data from the USGS <ens at usgs.gov>.   I assume that they had built  
> some tools of some sort to cluster/aggregate news and reporting  
> data after the Indonesian Tsunami.

Sorry, it kind of went off on an unrelated thread.

After the tsunamis the governments got hot for subscription-driven  
event notification in a geospatial context, primarily for disasters  
but now they want to take it much further and apply such a framework  
to all manner of thing that may have nothing to do with disasters per  
se.  Child abductions are among the very first things they want to do  
this with, for example.  Fox News will be all over this (*rolls  
eyes*).  The basic model looks like this:

The individual subscribes to any number of specific event feeds with  
a geospatial context, voluntarily or involuntarily depending on the  
feed and the government.  Some of these feeds are for very specific  
types of events, other ones are descriptive and abstract.  As the  
individual travels around, the events they see are the intersection  
of their subscription profile with the event, and their geospatial  
location with the geospatial area of the event as defined in the  
feed.  The problem is scaling up the ability to determine if an  
individuals subscription and event intersect in near real-time, and  
this needs to have a significant amount of centralization as a  
practical matter and political control along the usual boundaries is  
a big issue.  Both the events *and* the subscriptions will be  
floating around in space constantly, and this needs to be sorted out  
if they are going to use it for anything remotely resembling all they  
want to use it for.  There is a full expectation that the private  
sector will rapidly find uses for it too, for good or ill,  
piggybacking on the government mandated interfaces.

Do not worry about signing up for this service, it will be  
mandatorily built in to your cell service at a minimum.


J. Andrew Rogers

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