[FoRK] Lion, rationality, reason, and seriousness

Lion Kimbro <lionkimbro at gmail.com> on Mon May 7 09:26:55 PDT 2007

  The way I look at it, we *have* to see "passion," desire, imagination,
  interest, love, joy, care, inspiration, emotion, aesthetic, the sensation
  of "being free," as the motivating force driving reason & rationality.

  It's fundamentally **impossible** for "Reason" itself to be the motivator
  for reason.  At best, we could romanticize, and **imagine** that Reason
  were a person, (perhaps seeing Harry Seldon sitting atop his computronium
  planet,) and ask ourselves, "Well, WWRD?  (What would Reason Do?)",
  and reason from that inspiration.

  But it'd *just* be an imagination.  It wouldn't **actually** be Reason giving
  us commands, and us choosing to be loyal to the True Purpose, or to be
  traitorous and deserving of scorn, fighting against Reason.

  Can you show me otherwise?

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