[FoRK] Christians and atheists start a calmer dialogue

Bill Stoddard <bill at wstoddard.com> on Thu May 10 05:55:28 PDT 2007

It seems to me,  that for many people,  god and faith is a place holder 
for what is unknown, not understood or explained.  That empty corner in 
the room 'just has to be' filled.  With something, anything.... in order 
to find peace and contentment. Plenty of people can ignore that place, 
but many cannot and I have no idea why that is.

Another quote ...

"To trace something unknown back to something known is alleviating,
soothing, gratifying and gives moreover a feeling of power. Danger,
disquiet, anxiety attend the unknown - the first instinct is to
eliminate these distressing states. First principle: any explanation
is better than none... " Friedrich Nietzsche

Telling believers that they are idiots is not going to work. Telling 
them their beliefs cause great suffering in the world is not going to 
work. What are you going to place in that empty corner? Whatever it is, 
it darn well better be transcendent or it will be ignored.


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