[FoRK] Christians and atheists start a calmer dialogue

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Thu May 10 08:05:03 PDT 2007

On 5/10/07, Sat N <sateesh.narahari at gmail.com> wrote:
> Its a subjective thing,a believer sees something in "God" that you don't.

Attributing to "God" things that can be attributed to many other
things does not give that  "God" the sole domain of that thing such
that those who do not buy into "God" can not be said to be able to
understnd let alone posses those things.

For instance...being a good person. It is not as simple as saying
"Only people who can see Gods goodness can be good" and making that
stick, if it were then why all the turmoil of religious rifts? If
wishes were doing....

> There is no harm because someone believes in religion, the harm is if
> they start excommunicating and start molesting young children.... The
> good news is all those people who do those kinds of things are either
> in Vatican or hide behind confession boxes...

Unless of course they get reassigned to your neighborhood church where
the  kids are sent to do alter work, just like their parents did as
youngins, and they wind up being told its god will they touch and get
touched in sexual ways.  Great God of Love there. God is So Great he
is willing to let young kids get sexually molested by his
ministers...there must be a reason though..some plan of Gods that
required it...ya know to show us a lesson...or something...oh wait God
is all powerful except when its the forces of evil

Yea funny thing that All Powerful thing, so many excuses why things  happen:)-


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