[FoRK] Go fish(ing)

Tom Higgins <tomhiggins at gmail.com> on Thu May 10 12:04:58 PDT 2007

This might be a repeat post for some....

Setting aside differences of beliefs, political ideology and I would
like to think that FoRKers could work together on something,
anything...say Go.

Not to say i am any damn good at the game without a 4 stone handicap
but I am trying to think of something some of us can agree to do
together other than just sitting on the list slinging verbiage at each
other and Go has been my game of choice for a few months now.  So
maybe its not GO, maybe its a Tremulous server? FreeCiv? Catan? Chess
is so played out but yes even chess.

Work with me here folks, we talk about working towards a humanity that
can work and play together, so lets do that here. Lead By Example.


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