[FoRK] Godless

Andy Armstrong <andy at hexten.net> on Fri May 11 15:32:14 PDT 2007

On 11 May 2007, at 23:22, Jeff Bone wrote:
> Imagine that you are the sole possessor of this agent;  a single  
> vial of a clear liquid that vaporizes and diffuses when exposed to  
> air.  All you have to do to completely rid the planet of the plague  
> of religion, now and forever, is simply break that vial in an  
> enclosed, crowded space.  You're standing in the food court at the  
> local shopping mall.  You've got the vial in your pocket.
> What do you do?


* no more religion


* unintended consequences++
* "shit, it wasn't religion making them crazy..."
* I'm not as special an more :)

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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